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  • Hey macguy I have a problem with Lunar Client where on my 2nd computer, I try to load it and it keeps saying loading. Please help

  • Hi Mac so I made a poem for you hoping you could hook me up with a custom Lunar cape (like the heart ones or just a unique cape) so here i go : When surviving in this world, Your hand I will hold, Let's craft together, And mine forever. -AkyuPuncture

  • Hey macguy. So I recently downloaded your client and registered. When I opened up the client, it told me to login. So I did. I entered the correct info (For lunar client account) and it said that my info was wrong. So i double checked and it was still wrong. Plz help.

  • can you help me

  • дай плащ а то тебе пиздец

  • hey macguy, can you give me a mediafire link to downloading it cus my friend cant download it due to the antivirus

  • yo, lunar client is stuck on connecting