Lobsided Lobsided


  • Alright lobsided, i have baught an unban but im not happy about it because i was NOT cheating, i just thought id let you know that

  • https://lunar.gg/tickets/0ed25

  • u mad niga

  • sorry to don't answer to my ticket my pc was off a long time ( downed )

  • i havent used lunar before and i was banned from the client and you refused to unban me with no explanation. sad.

  • if im banned what's the reason because i havent used hacks so what's my reason? Just deny everyone because you want money? its honestly stupid how you REALLY want money

  • damn didn't even check my logs or anything just refused to unban me

  • Literally got false banned and I explained why but you wont unban me i even got other staff to check it out and they all agree i should've been unbanned..