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Hey guys, we're going to be opening up our build submissions again (yes - there are prizes listed at the end of this post).

In specific, we're looking for all types of Practice arenas.

NoDebuff, Debuff, Vanilla, Soup, Gapple, and Axe Arenas
• Must be unique and creative (take a look at some of our current arenas). Make sure there is some sort of a design in the glass or clay wall, or on the actual arena.
• Size can vary. Some of our arenas are 100x100, 125x125, or 140x90. It really depends on the design, just make sure they are not too big, nor too small.
• If you are going to use terrain, keep it to a minimal, or have a majority of the arena be flat.

Archer Arenas
• Must be unique and creative.
• Keep the size of these arenas at around 100x100.
• Use terrain, or some type of obstacles around the arena.

BuildUHC, SG Arenas
• Must be unique and creative.
• Keep the size of these arenas at around 120x80
• Use some terrain. These arenas should replicate terrain that a player encounters in a UHC game. Consider making multiple variations of an arena, with minor changes and in a different biome.

Bridges Arenas
• Must be unique and creative.
• Keep the islands at a reasonable size. These should be small to medium sized. Please refer to the current Bridges arenas on Practice.
• Make sure there are 20 from the center of the bridge on each side.
• The colors of the bridge will always be Blue and Red.
• Include a small platform, or island, as more ways to enter the enemy's island. Example:
• Ensure that the islands are completely covered on the sides and on the bottom with the respected clay color. Example:

Spleef Arenas
• Make some sort of design on the outside of the arena. Please refer to the current spleef arenas.
• Keep the size of the actual snow arena 100x100.
• The "snow area" should be 4 blocks away from the actual glass (or clay, depending on the design) wall.
• The entire bottom of the arena should be filled with water (the "snow area" will float 2 blocks from the water).

Sumo Arenas
• The platform should be "13x13." Example:
• The platform should be approximately 10 blocks in height.
• There should be water at the bottom of the arena.
• Make sure it is impossible for a player to be knocked off the platform and land on anything but water.
• Have some sort of design/terrain surrounding the arena (check our current sumo arenas).

How to format a build submission:
• Build Name
• Screenshots of the build (without shaders)
• Schematic file of the build that has been uploaded to media fire.
• Make a ticket under "Build Submissions" -->

Now time for the prizes
• 1 build used: 30 day Master rank or a cosmetic and emote of your choice.
• 2 builds used: 30 day Legend rank and a cosmetic or emote of your choice.
• 3 builds used: Perm Master rank and a cosmetic and emote of your choice.
• 4 builds used: Perm Legend rank and a cosmetic and 2 emotes of your choice.
• 5+ builds used: Welcome to our build team (plus other benefits and prizes we can discuss).

Teams Map 5 will be releasing this Saturday at 3PM EST.

As stated a few days ago, the faction size will remain at 25-man teams. The kit will be Protection 2, Sharpness 2, Power 4.

We will host Citadels on Saturdays, and depending on the feedback that we get, we will either host an Invasion or Conquest event.

Additionally, we will be giving the base building competition another try. Bases will be judged the Friday before EOTW. This base must be built on your main faction (you cannot build it on alts). The winners will be awarded with 5 ranks for next map and a custom cape for those who contributed to building the base (the leader will give me a list).

Finally, as promised, faction capes have been released. You can check them out at

More information regarding Map 5 can be found at

Map 5 will be releasing this Saturday, February 15th, at 3PM EST. Team sizes will remain at 25.

We'll have more information tomorrow. 👀

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