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Hey guys, Map 3 EOTW will be tomorrow at 3PM EST.

Squads and Season 3 are in the works and should be releasing soon. We'll give you guys more information when they're ready.

In the meantime, we're going to continue to work behind the scenes in order to move along with the server.

I'll have another update post soon. Thank you guys for the continuous support.

Hey guys, sorry this post took a little longer than expected, but I just wanted to give you guys a few updates before the map goes up.

First and foremost, I want to go over some of the points I made in my SOTW post. As most of you already know, the faction size is staying at 30. We also decided that in order to enter a weekend event, you must have at least 15 members online. We will play this by ear and change it if needed. We have also not done the "Enemy" tag during weekend events. This may or may not be done by next week, so we'll have to see. If worse comes to worse, we can enable invis potions for the weekend events.

Secondly, I want to discuss the new event that will hopefully be replacing Citadel this map. This will be an iteration on Kohi's "Conquest 2.0." The event will be called Invasion. It will consist of 4 twenty minute capture points; two in the Overworld, one in the Nether, and one in the End. When the event starts, only the Overworld capture points will activate. Once both Overworld caps are captured, then End and Nether caps will activate. The Overworld caps will give you a tier 1 key, the End cap will give you a tier 2 key, and the Nether cap will give you a tier 3 key. The winners will be awarded with an animal spawner of their choice and an Invasion key. Lastly, the overworld capture points will be on opposite quadrants of the map. One is at (-500, 500) and one is at (500, -500).

Moving on, we have listened to your guys' suggestions about adding a PVE event and we quickly added in Nightmare PVE, which was also a Kohi classic. You can get into Nightmare by purchasing a "Nightmare Potion" at shop, drinking the potion, and sleeping in a bed. In order to complete Nightmare, you must break a block of red wool which is found at the center of a small obsidian vault. There are several of these vaults and they must be broken in order to unlock the next levels of Nightmare. DTR loss in Nightmare is 0.25 and we highly recommend you bring your factions members - it's not easy to do alone!

Finally, I just want to say that this is going to be the last Teams map for a little while - so make it count! School is starting up for most people at the end of the month and we know that Teams takes a lot of grinding, which can get repetitive. We cannot wait to show you guys what we have planned for Squads, we genuinely think you will all enjoy it.

We'll see you guys in 12 hours, we hope you enjoy the map!

Map 3 SOTW will be taking place this Saturday (August 10th) at 3PM EST.

Information regarding Map 3 can be found here:

Before I get into this post, I just want to say that this will be the last summer map of Teams before school starts. Once school does start, we will most likely be taking a break from Teams and only do maps from time-to-time (like it used to be). It gets repetitive, and truly brings out the most toxic part in our players and community. We've been able to do three maps in a row (Map 3 included) with one week breaks in between them and we hope you all appreciated that - it's not easy.

The team size for Map 3 will be 30 mans with no allies. The kit for the Map will be Protection 2, Sharpness 2, Power 4. Classes will be enabled (with the exception of Rogue), but they will be limited to three bards and two archers per team. The reason for bumping up the limit by one is so if one bard dies, you won't immediately lose the fight since you'll still have two Bards left. This should also help with kit sniping/cleaning.

After seeing how Citadel went this past weekend, we've decided that its best to step away from that event, at least for the first week, and see how it goes. We're going to be trying out an iteration of Conquest 2.0 from Kohi (with some changes that we've thought about). This will hopefully be less toxic, require more strategy and all in all more enjoyable. We'll explain the event in length in another post.

Changes that will be implemented Map 3:
• Rosters will be locked 30 minutes prior to Citadel/Conquest and will remain locked through the entire event.
• Factions will be denied entree to the Citadel/Conquest claim if they have less than "x" members online. This number is still being decided.
• 8 DTR
Still in discussion/up for debate:
• Adding invis or making players have a steve skin with an "Enemy" name tag when in an active event (some may remember this from kohi).

A few major things from last map that worked out and we will be keeping for Map 3, among many other things, are sky bases being disabled and ip-based force invites. We'll have more updates regarding Map 3 throughout the week.

We hope you guys all have a fun map and we'll see you this Saturday.

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