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Hey guys, as most of you already know, Map 2 will be releasing this Saturday (July 20) at 3PM EST.

Information regarding Map 2 can be found here:

The team size for Map 2 will be 20 mans with 1 ally. If you guys want this map to be fun, then you will not make a 40 man roster with your current faction, but rather split the faction into two in order for the map to have more competition. I know some of you will do this regardless, so if it becomes a problem, we will remove allies mid-map.

Since kit sniping was such a pain during Map 1, we have decided that this will be a diamond-only map; all classes with the exception of Miner class will be disabled for Map 2. Roads will be terrain-generated instead of flat and rods will stay enabled.

Another point I want to emphasize is that staff will have a zero-tolerance alting/account sharing policy. If you do not have permission from a head staff member to play on an alternate account, you will be banned. Since a lot of people avoided force invites Map 1 by alting, we're also going to be making force invites IP-based. If anyone tries to get around it, you and your faction officers/leaders will all be banned. Do not test us :). If this still isn't enough to stop cycling, we will lock rosters during events. Force invites will be reset at our discretion during the week, and before/after major events (Citadel/Conquest).

Before moving on, I want to congratulate NASA on winning the base building competition and DawnXD on capping EOTW. Your capes are being worked on. Map 2 will also be having a base competition. With that being said, we have decided to disable skybases for this upcoming map. We're going to play it by ear and see how this goes.
We hope you guys all have a fun map. Please remember that this map is what you guys make it to be, we are here to listen to your suggestions, but play fair.

See you all this Saturday.

Hey guys, we are going to be giving Citadel another shot tomorrow. The event will start at the usual time, 3PM EST.

We have decided to go ahead and end the map this Sunday, July 14th. EOTW will start at 3PM EST. If your faction wants to be entered in the Base Building Competition, have your leader make a ticket under the "HCF" category with your faction name. A post with the winners will be made after the map is over.

Work on Teams Map 2 has already started, so please leave any suggestions you guys may have below! A post regarding Map 2 will be released in a few days.

Hey guys, work has started on the next HCF Maps (Teams + Squads) and we have decided to start accepting build submissions. This is something you guys have been asking for and we have decided to finally do it.

• For Koths and Citadels, make sure there are 4 blocks from the center of the cap (each side).
• For Bridges maps, make sure there are 20 blocks from the center of the bridge (each side),

If one of your builds gets selected, you will receive a temporary rank.
If two of your builds gets selected, you will receive a permanent rank.
If three or more of your builds gets selected, you will receive a Lunar Client cape (

In order to submit a build, please upload the SCHEMATIC FILE to mediafire and make a ticket here:

Please use the following format when submitting a build:

• Build Name
• Screenshot of the build without shaders
• Schematic file that has been uploaded to mediafire

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