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Hey guys, thank you all for the amazing turnout we had on the release of Season 3.

Before we release Map 3 of Squads, we decided to celebrate and do a Practice tournament. The tournament will be on Friday, September 13th, at 5PM EST.

The winners of the Tournament will be awarded with the following:

• 1st Place: $100 paypal, a 1.8.9 Lunar Client whitelist, and a custom Lunar Client cape.
• 2nd Place: $50 paypal and a custom Lunar Client cape.
• 3rd Place: $25 paypal.

We'll have more information regarding other minigames coming shortly! Make sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter this week in order to enter some epic giveaways <3.

Hey guys, Squads Map 3 SOTW will be on Saturday, September 14th, at 3PM EST.

The map kit will be Protection 2, Sharpness 2, Power 4. This map will be 8-man squads.

The store will be updated later tonight with all the new perks and purchasable features. For more information regarding Map 3, visit:

Fancy Brewers:
Custom Enchants:
Full video showing off all new features:

Hey guys, Season 2 is ending tomorrow at 11:59PM EST. Players who are #1 on a ranked 1v1 ladder will be receiving a special Lunar Client cape when the Season is over.

Season 3 will be releasing this Saturday at 3PM EST.

All Practice stats will be reset and everyone will get a fresh start. We'll also be adding some of your favorite minigames back, starting off with Bunkers.

Bunkers will no longer be a 20-man game. Instead of having 4 teams of 5, there will now be 2 teams of 8. Another twist we added to Bunkers is that we enabled Bard. We're going to see how this plays out and will make changes if necessary.

Other games you can expect in Season 3 are PotSG and the return of UHC, along with a few more games that we may cycle in and out. We'll make another post regarding that at a later date.

We hope to see you all there this Saturday. We'll have information regarding Squads this weekend!

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