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Map 3.5 SOTW will be taking place next Saturday (November 23rd) at 3PM EST.

Information regarding Map 3.5 can be found here:

I also want to inform everyone that we will be posting updates in our official Telegram chat (in addition to everywhere else). Join here:

Before I get into this post, I just want to say that after taking a break from Teams for nearly 3 months, we’re excited to start back up! We know you have all been waiting for this and we hope you guys haven’t drained yourself too too much on kitmaps and in box fights.

The purpose of Map 3.5 will be mainly to stress test our plugins and ensure that there are no major bugs or issues. This will set Map 4 up to be the best and most successful Map that we’ve had. With that being said, there will be no spawning in of bases for Map 3.5. That would not resemble a real SOTW, which is what we need in order to fully test the server’s performance.

The team size for Map 3.5 will be 25 mans with no allies. The kit for the Map will be Protection 2, Sharpness 3, Power 4. Classes will be enabled (with the exception of Rogue), but they will be limited to two bards and two archers per team. Map 3.5 will have at least one Citadel, and we are hoping to do an Invasion test as well. This may happen during the week as it will be during Thanksgiving break. We’ll announce the events a few days prior to them being hosted.

Features and changes:
• Factions will have 5 force invites. Force invites will be enabled only 24 hours after SOTW and will reset on Tuesday, Thursday, and before/after any major event.
• Factions will be denied entry to the Citadel claim if they have less than 12 members online.
• Archer now has energy, just like Bard. Speed, Jump Boost, and Resistance will all require 45 energy to use.
• The bard range has increased to 30, they cannot give passive strength or resistance, and the energy required to give resistance has been increased to 45.
• 8 DTR
• DTR loss in End and Nether is 0.75
• Archer and Bard will lose 0.25 less DTR than what they would normally lose upon dying. For example, in Nether, regular DTR loss is 0.75, so an Archer/Bard would lose 0.50 if they died.

Under consideration:
• Combat tag system
• Roster lock during events
We want to encourage leaders who disbanded their factions before the map even began to, at the very least, give it a try for Map 3.5.

Lastly, we want to say that Map 3.5 will be the first of many updates coming to Lunar in the coming month. Thank you as always, and we’ll be keeping an eye out on our forums for feedback.

Hey guys, we hope you have all been enjoying the 1.8.9 version of Lunar Client. As we move forward with Lunar Client and our expansion to different communities, we recognize that there are some players who do not use the client because of its anticheat. This can be because they have trouble launching it, have a bad computer, or simply don’t trust client-side anticheats. Whatever the reason may be, we have decided to solve these users’ problems by giving them the option to turn off the anti-cheat and still enjoy playing on Lunar Client.

As most of you have already noticed, we rolled out an update to the launcher last night that lets users enable and disable the anti-cheat. Please note that if you have the anticheat disabled you will NOT be able to join Lunar Client protected servers or queues.

I also want to make clear that there is only ONE version of Lunar Client “Offline,” and that is found on If you have any other version of Lunar Client “Offline,” or other clients, I highly recommend uninstalling them and removing it from your computer. These “offline” clients are using pirated code and cannot be trusted. If you do choose to use any “offline” client that is not endorsed and/or distributed by its creators and developers, do so at your own risk; they are not safe.

Thank you to everyone for the continuous support on not only on Lunar Client, but on the Network as well. We are hard at work on improving both the client and the server and we cannot wait to roll out the updates that we’ve been working on. As I said before, there is no set-in-stone release date for Teams, so please be patient with us - it should be coming this month if all goes to plan!

Hey guys! I'm making this quick update post to keep you all in the loop of what we've been doing this past week.

Early in the week, we were able to finalize the knockback and further improve the hits and server-side lag. Potions and pearls have also been improved. This is going to be significant once we start doing Teams/Squads again because with this new pearl patch, you will not be put on cool down if your pearl fails (I know this has been a problem since we released the server). We're going to continue to push out updates to the network and Practice (since that is what's currently available).

As for Teams; we may have to do a 1 week map in between Map 3 and 4, which would be Map 3.5! This is so we can test out our new spigot and ensure that we can have a smooth, lag-free release of Teams Map 4 and Season 4. I know you guys wanted spawned in bases, however, we will not be able to do this because the Map has to resemble a real start of the world. With that being said, we may spawn in bases for citadel for factions who played SOTW (Map 3.5 only). We will have an announcement regarding this soon.

Now onto the new Lunar Client Cosmetics!

I am glad you all enjoyed the Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween capes.

On Halloween Day (October 31st) at 5PM EST, we will be releasing the following:

-2 new Halloween Capes
-Skeleton Wings

There will only be 50 wings available for purchase. Once they are sold, you will no longer be able to purchase them. These wings will be exclusive to Halloween 2019, meaning they will never be sold again. You will be able to see these new cosmetics on the store later tonight (you will only be able to purchase them starting tomorrow at 5PM EST).

Thank you all for the continuous support. We're working hard to get back to where we once were. <3

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