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Firstly, I want to wish all of our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you to everyone who came out to help us test Teams. We have a list of 20+ bugs that were found; they will all be fixed for Map 4!

Weekend Schedule:
•Citadel will be on Saturday at 2PM EST.
•EOTW will be on Sunday at 3PM EST.

Since Thanksgiving is this today, we're also going to be selling new cosmetics on Lunar Client.

We currently have two Thanksgiving Capes, a Turkey and a Pilgrim, now available for purchase! These capes will be on sale until Wednesday, December 5th.

We'll be giving away 2 pairs of wings. Simply like + retweet:

The winners will be announced tonight on Lunar Client's Discord!

We will also be selling 50 Orange Wings and 50 Yellow Wings. These will be priced at $40, however, we will be having a Black Friday sale. The wings will come out to ~$30. Last time we sold wings we sold out, so make sure to get them quick!
Announcements regarding Map 4 and Season 4 will come in the near future.

Idk if everyone remembers why kohi shut down, basically the community shit talking admins,staff, owners ect to the point where they wanted to get rid of the server.
So how the fuck is calling physci and Jordan retards and saying they have no idea how to run a server a good idea. They banned players for breaking the rules if they didn’t ban them people probs wouldhv been just as annoyed. Also considering how long everyone’s been moaning about there being no teams maps everyone seems hella ungrateful for lunar trying to keep this game mode alive. Tbh if this keeps up they’ll probs shut down the server and just use lunar client as a way to make money and then hcf really will be dead :)

Front page of lunar let’s go :D
Wallahi the family <3
🇪🇺On top

Thank you to everyone who came out to play Map 3.5 in order to help us stress test the server.

Please comment on this post with any issues you have encountered while playing. Do not post duplicate reports or reports that are listed below.

Known issues:
• End Spawn (fixed next reboot)
• Random Guardian Temples randomly spawning 2k blocks out
• Crashes when crafting 1.8.9 items (i.e: an acacia door)

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