Map 6 of Hardcore Squads will be releasing this Saturday at 3PM EST / 12PM PST.

The faction size will be 8-mans and the kit will be Protection 2, Sharpness 2.

More information regarding Map 6 of Squads can be found on

Teams Map 5 is being worked on. If we did not do Squads, there would be no HCF map up at all. We'll have announcements regarding Map 5 soon(tm).

Thank you to everyone who showed up for Map 4 of Teams. We hope you guys enjoyed playing and we hope that you will all come back for Map 5.

Congratulations to Dawn for capping the second Citadel, to PEPE for capping EOTW, and to Interlaced for winning the FFA.

We will have a post regarding our next HCF map along with which factions will be getting capes for Map 5 in the coming days.

Invasion will be hosted tomorrow at 3:30PM EST.
There will be 2 cap zones in the Overworld, 1 in the End, and 1 in the Nether. The overworld capzones must be captured before the End and Nether ones become active.

Citadel will be hosted on Saturday at 3PM EST.
‣ 3PM EST: Citadel is activated
‣ 5PM EST: Force invites are enabled (10 total)
‣ 8PM EST: Earliest time rosters may be locked
‣ 10PM EST: Cap time will be decreased to 25 minutes
‣ 12AM EST: Cap time will be decreased to 20 minutes

EOTW will be on Sunday at 3PM EST.
There will be a 30 minute Koth activated at spawn and the winning faction will be awarded with an EOTW cape.

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